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Camden Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Cleaning Schedule

            Cleaning Schedule   




The following is the schedule for those who have volunteered to clean the church.  Please remember to clean the basement also.  It's a large job, be we all appreciate everyone that has volunteered their time and energy to help keep our church clean.  If you need a reminder, please let June know.



Week before:                  Name:

Nov. 24th                      Kayla Hooten 

Dec. 1st                         Sharon Melton

Dec. 8th                        Thomas Turner

Dec. 15th                      Kayla Hooten

Dec. 22nd                     Brittany Robbins

Dec. 29th                      Thomas Turner

Jan. 5th                         Brittany Robbins

Jan. 13th                       Jessica Hill

Jan. 20th                       Nichols family

Jan. 27th                       Casandra Dion

Feb. 3rd                        Jessica Hill

Feb. 10th                      

Feb. 17th                      Nichols family

Feb. 24th                      Casandra Dion

Mar. 2nd